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Yes – the Real Estate Act of Alberta requires all property managers to be licensed. Integral to gaining a license is a criminal and character review and completion of extensive educational requirements. Knowledge of contract law, the Real Estate Act and the Personal Information Protection Act is essential for property managers. In Alberta, real estate licensees can not work with unlicensed property managers.

We have the background and expertise to handle all asset classes from residential through tourist through commercial through industrial. While our website is oriented towards residential landlords, we welcome the opportunity to work with all landlords.

Detailed market research provides insights as to what the market will provide. As important as monthly rent is – length of term and quality of tenant are important as well. High rents from poor tenants can result in low net rents, as repairs, evictions are costly. We focus on gaining the best possible rent the market will provide with the least amount of tenant risk.

Quality matters. Ensuring all necessary repairs are made help as does ensuring your property is clean. Curb appeal helps. Mowed lawns and fresh and/or clean paint create good first impressions. Timely communication and interactions are essential. Completing paper work, delivering keys and the like on time avoids delays.

We treat your property as if it’s our own. Our advertising program, prospective tenant vetting and lease negotiating skills are second to none. We take pride in achieving consistently strong results for you.

All tenants are required to complete the tenant application form as per this link. Upon completion of their application, we contact employers and references and record our notes from these conversations. Each tenant application and our notes are available for your review online.

We provide a time-tested standard lease template to you for your review. Through dialogue we amend the standard to address your specific needs. Amendments to include or exclude pets or to extend or contract minimum lengths of tenancies etc. are made. Once you have directed your lease terms, until the time the lease is presented to you for your signature you can leave all the work to us.

All your contracts, applications and property inspections are available to you online. Incidental repairs and maintenance up to the preset limit you set will be done, recorded online and communicated to you by email at the time of occurrence. For significant repairs or maintenance, we will contact you at their inception prior to making an expenditure. Each month a statement outlining all revenues and expenditures are available to you online. In addition, we always welcome your phone calls and emails.

We are on the mainfloor of the old Courthouse at 13437 20 Avenue in Blairmore.

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